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The Efficiency of "Greening Tourism Approaches" - IAIA 30th Annual Conference, The role of impact assessment in Transitioning to the Green Economy, Geneva, CH, 6-11. April 2010

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"Greening winter sports" - eco-auditing as appropriate management tool in skiing areas?. ISSRM 09- 15th International Symposium on Society and Resource Management

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Pröbstl (2010): "WHAT DOES ENVIRONMENTAL MANAGEMENT STAND FOR ?", OITAF Seminar, SAM Grenoble, April 21st 2010, France

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Pröbstl U. (2009): "Öko-Audit in Skigebieten", Alpenkonvention und Tourismus, Öko-Audit in Skigebieten, 12. und 13. Mai 09, Innsbruck, ÖWAV.

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Pröbstl, U., Jiricka, A. (2010): Skigebiets-Audit als Grundlage für eine nachhaltige Entwicklung von Erholungslandschaften. In:  Bieger T., Laesser C., Beritelli P., Trends, Instrumente und Strategien im alpinen Tourismus Schweizer Jahrbuch für Tourismus 2009 1, 154; Erich Schmidt Verlag, Berlin

Abstract (German)

Pröbstl U. (2006): Ecological improvement and sustainable development in European skiing resorts by adapting the EU-Eco-Audit. In: Schrenk, M.: CORP 2006

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EMAS Europe

Environmental Federal Agency Austria,

Emas Helpdesk Europe

Environmental Management Systems Association, Australia


AWARD 2011 - informazione sui laureati

Ceremonia 9/3/2011 in Slovenia

sulla XI. Conferenza Alpina

candidatura per 2013 a partire di feb. 2012!

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Seminario OITAF

alla SAM Grenoble April 2010

see also:

Laureati - Audit-Award09

Ceremonia del premio 12/03/09 a Evian (F)!




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