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Purpose of the foundation "pro natura-pro ski":

The fascination of the winter sports in the alps is unbroken. The winter in the mountains and the possibilities linked with it of the sporty activity take pleasure to big popularity. At the same time the winter sports are one of the most important sources of income for the local population. With all advantages this development with the interventions in the mountain world sensitive regional and ecologically has its price.

The foundation pro natura - pro ski would like to protect these leisure possibilities and possibilities to earn a living with her engagement in the long term. However, that requires at the same time that the most important capital of the Alpine regions - the scenery - is used with lasting effect.

The responsible cablecar enterprises which aim at this purpose in her skiing area systematically bump in the general public into positive resonance and her enterprise activities thanks to an open communication lighter on understanding.

To support the initiative to the lasting use and revaluation of skiing areas, approved methodical instruments and suitable assessment models are necessary.

The foundation pro natura - pro ski presents for this a practically oriented working instrument: the guide " Auditing in skiing areas ", developed in accordation with the International Skiing Federation (FIS). Kow-how transfer and networking between research, skiing operators and resorts is major task of the foundation's work to foster progress and enhancement of environmental management standards.


The guide "Auditing in skiing areas " allows the worldwide conversion of a uniform Auditing procedure.

With the Auditing guide, tools are given to the hand of the respective enterprises, i.e. to the skiing areas, with which they are able to imply a sequentially moved and improved environmental management carried by them.

With the possible certification positive impulses are to be achieved for the company inwards and a worth effect outwardly.

In addition, the Auditing procedure contributes for skiing areas to the conflict minimization between skiing and nature conservation and indicates ways for an environmental-acceptable skiing.

Potential benefits for the skiing areas:

  • Competitiveness (enhanced image e.g. improved chances of securing large winter sports events, attraction for the ecologically aware customers)
  • Cost reduction (e.g. avoidance of cost-intensive repairs for wide rangeing surface ground damage)
  • Risk decrease (improved ecological risk data base e.g. traceability of liability in cases of damage)
  • Improvement of the organisation (efficient internal ecological controlling, enhanced communication in the company, increased motivation and identification of the employees)



Conference September 2015

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Former activities:

Conference September 2014

Conference on glaciers - "topless in the future-? glacier areas in times of change"

Salzburg, September 28th, 2011

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conference will be held in german with presentations available in english!

AWARD 2011 -Announcement of the winners -  on march 9th 2011!

at the XI. Alpine Conference in SLO

March 2011, at Brdo pri Kranju/Slovenia